Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chops, Bebops & Circuit Pops

 Welcome to the newest of years fellow freaks. We're not going to shy away from a little absurdity in the last four months of our regular show. Not a chance. And to prove my point I present to you this month's show beginning with:

6pm - DROID - This hour long Blade Runner knockoff was actually edited down from not one but two X-rated adult films from '87 and '88.
With all the hardcore removed it may not be much more comprehensible, but it sure is amazing. And what a budget!

7pm - Disco Godfather - Tucker Williams was content to get the crowds swinging at Blueberry Hill Disco with his copyrighted catchphrase "Put your weight on it," but that was before someone started selling Angel Dust to the kiddies. Now out of retirement, Tuck is back on patrol and kicking ass in the finest rhinestones!

8:30pm - Ninja 3: The Domination - The ninja invasion was in full swing by 1984 and flush with success and the star of Breakin', Ninja 3 was perhaps the pinnacle of the Americaninjasploitation genre before there ever was a Dudikoff. Possessed by the spirit of an evil ninja, Lucinda Dickey appears to be unstoppable, but the ubiquitous Sho Kosugi will no doubt have something to say about that!

Come put your weight on it at The Sunset this January 19th. Show starts at 6pm and runs until its done!

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