Thursday, February 6, 2014

Golden Swallow & Kill and Kill Again

We come once again to that special time in the month marked arbitrarily as the "third-Monday." It may not mean much to most, but to those in the know, it means Kung Fu Grindhouse.

First out of the gate at 6pm comes:
Awful Hour: In which your eyes feast upon the lost treasures of the VHS age.

Then at 7pm: 1968's Golden Swallow. This beautifully shot Shaw Brothers classic directed by Chang Cheh  features Cheng Pei-pei reprising her role as Golden Swallow from the film Come Drink with Me. She is wrongfully framed for murder and must fight her way to innocence. Two men with an eye for Golden Swallow and jealousy for each other stand by her side in an intense action love triangle.

Finally capping off a night of intense martial combat comes Kill and Kill Again, a 1981 South African karate film with a healthy dose of humor.Steve Chase does his merry best to stop an evil guy bent on ruling the world with an army of "karate slaves." The comparisons to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon don't stop there as Steve teams up with a gaggle of silly goons and pretty gals to flex, sweat, wisecrack and keee-ai his way to victory in finest Afrikaans fashion.

You know how these things work, so be there on February 17 at 6pm for the REAL DEAL.
Seats fill up fast, so don't be late.