Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Drink Your Angel Braniac Blood

We're knocking out our last month at the Sunset (for a while) with a triple feature of bizarre and hilarious movies for your succor.

First up it's The Brainiac, a wierd and wooly monster movie from 1960's Mexico in which an evil warlock returns to Earth aboard a comet to eat the brains of his former enemies descendants and glare at the camera in a wild rubber outfit.

Fast-forward to the the good old USA for a Manson Family-esque jaunt through the backwoods in I Drink Your Blood. When a band of grimy, lunatic hippies show up in town, a local boy with a corpse fetish takes matters into his own hands. Soon however the town is overrun by bloodthirsty hippies and construction workers. Well, at least the kid tried to help.

Finally with Angelfist we're off the the Philippines for a hearty dose of martial arts action from ignominious director Cirio Santiago. In this Kickboxer knockoff we find Cat Sassoon on the hunt for her sister's killers and fighting her way from locker-room to ring, up the proverbial food chain to unravel a conspiracy of B-movie proportions.

From suction-cup hands to barbecued rats to gratuitous birthday suits this month's KFG is a feast for the eyes, let me tell ya.

Come see it all with us on July 21st at the Sunset. Show starts at 6pm sharp!