Friday, May 25, 2012

Hard Ticket Toast

Thanks again for making this month a success, we'll be back on June 18 for more award-winning cinema refry!
See you then and friend us HERE.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tough & Deadly

Check it out folks, this here is the rundown for the New Kung Fu Grindhouse on Monday May 21st:

The Awful Hour - 6:00pm - We have a plethora of new garbage to parade before your eager eye-holes.

Tough and Deadly - 7:00pm - Straight from the hands of goDs comes this bromantic tale of Elmo Freech (Roddy Piper) and John Portland (Billy Blanks) two rippling man-beasts with a vendetta to settle. When Portland is beaten into amnesia and left for dead it falls to his new-found pal Elmo to help him rediscover his identity (and it aint Puget Sound!) and exact punitive damages on the perpetrators. Through a series of heartwarming workout sequences, sweaty bear-hugs and cranial rearrangement scenes our two brotagonists beat the odds and bad guys just in time for the end credits. All the action satisfaction you can get in one FREE movie!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii - 8:30pm - From the incredibly imaginative mind of Andy Sidaris comes this harrowing tale of washed up Playmates working as drug enforcement agents on Molokai. Teaming up with some severely hunky man-meat, our lady-heroes tackle a heavy case that's sure to require a topless strategy session or two before cutting loose with the big guns. Arrayed against them are the forces of doobie-smoking evil and a big-ass rubber snake, but once you buy the ticket, you're bound to take the ride with these ladies. Pure existential lunacy in this razor-edged frisbee of a FREE film!

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