Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011


Do you think you know Kung Fu Grindhouse?

Student Bodies - 7:00pm - Long before Wes Craven's career tanked (which was pretty long ago) slasher movies (which Wes Craven was instrumental in defining) got mocked hardcore. In fact their shittyness was so mocked that they could be mocked shittily and it was still mockery. Got it?

Howling 2 - 8:30 - What wingnut French/Aussie director doesn't want to shoot his asinine nonsensical werewolf movie sequel off the cuff in Eastern Europe with a bunch of punkrockers and fake hair appliances? Sybil Danning was thinking the same thing when she signed up and tore her shirt off for this epic masterpiece of terrible celluloid perfection.

Drive - 10:00 - A former Stuntman cum director made an awesome kung fu movie starring the amazingly talented but sadly deadpan Mark Dacascos and a bunch of tired racist stereotypes. Not so oddly, if you are aware of the unfortunate bigotry, you can laugh at the ridiculousness of an otherwise awesome movie all the more knowing that you're smarter than that.