Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shaolin Nailgun

We'll be bringing the heat to The Sunset once again this November 19th with a delectable selection of the tastiest cinemorsels one can find...

The Awful Hour - 6:00pm - Phill stirs the pot with some good olde fashioned VHS mystery trash scavenged from the waste bin of history

Shaolin Intruders - 7:00pm - Classic Shaw Brothers kung-fu weirdness from the 1980's will once again grace The Sunset screen. Featuring some of the best talent of the day, this film was directed by fight choreographer Tang Chia, so you know that the action is top notch. Wrapped around all this is a plot involving mysterious masked assassins and a tense, delicate imbalance between comedy and violence. 

Nail Gun Massacre - 8:30 - Straight from the heart of 1985 Texas comes one of our favorite low budget slashers of all time. One liners, violence, puns, grilled-cheese-sandwiches, nudity and Vietnam Veterans wearing Canadian Tuxedos are only part of the glory that is Nail Gun Massacre. I'm appalled that we haven't shown this one yet, but ecstatic that we get to do it now. They make horror so much bigger and badder down in Texas. Way badder.

See you at the Sunset, Monday November 19th!