Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unseen Horror

Yes it's true, after a year of waiting (or only a month if you count last month's show) we're back in action for another mind boggling extravaganza of extravagant proportions. We had so much fun (and apparently you did too) with our unseen horror event last year, we had to do it again which means this:
1.) We went to Scarecrow Video and picked three movies we'd never seen before simply based on the boxes.

2.) We worked very hard at not watching them in the meantime so that we could see 'em for the first time with you on the Sunset big screen on October 28th...

The delectable selections for this event include....

6pm - Attack of the Beast Creatures: The box art was horrible, but the pictures promise nothing short of hilarity as small red doll monsters brutally dispatch the actors.
7:30 - Roller Blade: Not truly a horror film, but the promise of post-apocalyptic roller-skating was too much to resist. Yes I said "skate" because this was made before the days of "blades," but thankfully not before the days of sharp metal instruments of violence.

9:00 - Rat Man: The box art was a murky photograph that didn't tell us much, but the tagline, "The Critter from the Shitter" sold it instantly. A small hideous man who lives in the sewers is clearly up to no good...

Which means you'd better be there for the action at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard on Monday, October 28th. The first film starts at 6pm, so get there early for a good seat, this is gonna be special.