Tuesday, April 8, 2014

9th Anniversary Triple Feature

After nine years of silly and sloppy cinema we're marking the beginning of our tenth with a favorite new practice, UNSEEN VIDEO! That's right, on April 21st we'll be watching for the FIRST TIME EVER, three films we picked off the shelves at Scarecrow Video simply based on their boxes.

It'll be hard to hold out, but we don't see 'em till you see 'em beginning with...

Tammy and the T-Rex at 6pm - High school shenanigans apparently ensue when a guy turns into a Tyranosaur and must still win the heart of the gal he loves?

Karate Cop at 7:30 - David Carradine is in it and it looks pretty bad.

And finally at 9pm it's The Suckling - An aborted and flushed fetus mutates and returns to seek revenge! Is it Christian propaganda, or just plain homegrown horror? Only you can decide when we watch it together on April 21st!

Please note THE FIRST FILM STARTS AT 6pm! This shit is gonna be full, so make sure to get your seats! Plus we'll be giving shit away, so you don't want to miss this sucker!

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