Monday, April 25, 2011

Drink Specials of the Past

The last two shows have been awesome blowouts thanks primarily to you, our fans. I got so distracted with the giving away of trivia prizes that I forgot to take photos of y'all giving yourselves and Weng-Weng a toast. Here are your drink specials from the last two shows. We are very excited for the upcoming nights of May 16th and June 20th especially because the feature films are so awesome and inspiring. We will be there, and we hope you will be too.

Monday, April 4, 2011

6th Anniversary

Kung Fu Grindhouse considers itself a grave robber of sorts, sifting through the cinematic charnell house for dusty old tasty bits. After six years of unearthing the good stuff, we've started to develop a little cemetery of our own....
As we usually do on our anniversary, we dig through our own past and make the carcasses dance for your pleasure once again across the magic screen at the Sunset. This year we're going way back in our dismal history for some particularly delectable morsels of trash for you to feast your festering see-holes on. Bear witness........

The Impossible Kid at 7:00pm - Three foot secret Agent 00 strikes back at organized crime in this Filippino flick starring the diminutive Weng Weng. Little Weng works for Interpol and is stocked with  scale versions of all the crimefighting hardware any leisure-suited miniature Casanova could need.

Microwave Massacre at 8:30pm - A gigantic microwave stars as itself and Jackie Vernon "stars" as Donald, a construction worker who  gets so sick of his wife's nagging and lousy cooking that he kills her. Much to his chagrin, the remains end up in his former wife's favorite appliance and subsequently in the food supply.

Fist of the White Lotus at 10:00pm - A classic kung-fu tale of revenge taken to epic and absurd heights. Gordon Liu must defeat Pai Mei a man possessed of the surreal ghost technique and so evil he demonstrates his deadly skills on his own retainers. Liu must master the embroidery technique if he is going to get anywhere near Pai Mei's family jewels and settle the score.

Even we haven't seen any of these movies in years, this show is going to be Awesome! We'll be giving away some Anniversary presents, so don't miss out.
See you April 18th.