Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cat

WHo knew it would come to this? Just two shows left and we're not fooling around with this shit. This March 16th at the mother lovin' Sunset we're knocking out three serious flicks starting with:

Treasure Hunters at 6pm
The legendary Alex Fu Sheng and Gordon Liu star in this hard hitting fight packed comedy about a bunch of people trying to find some treasure. Surprise! But this film was also known as Master of Disaster. It's an amazing dose of classic Shaw!

Ozone Attack of the Redneck Mutants starts at 7:30 and brings you a low budget gorefest only Texas could produce. From the team that brought you The Abomination comes environmental disaster induced disaster!

And finally The Cat, in which a cat from space does battle with a vile sloppy glob of space slime! Only in Hong Kong do they make movies like this!

MARCH 16th at The Sunset, show starts at 6pm!