Monday, July 8, 2013


Time flies when you're trying to come up with clever ways to describe bad movies.
This July 15th is a mixed bag of sorts beginning of course at 6pm with the ever popular Awful Hour wherein we pick at the mouldering carcass of the VHS age.

Then at 7pm, to honor the late Lau Kar-leung who died this last June, we're screening one of our favorite films from his veritable pantheon of greats. We'll be treating you (and ourselves) to the turbo-speed action of Mad Monkey Kung Fu. I wish I could say there was more to this film's plot than simple revenge, but anyway, it's a good sort of revenge and executed very satisfyingly by the masterful Kar-leung and his co-star Hsaio-Ho in one of our favorite (did I say that already?) wu-xia films EVER.

Finally, we're bringing it back down a few dozen notches with the perennial favorite atrocity known simply as Gymkata. If you're not familiar with the premise in which an Olympic gymnast goes all Surviving the Game somewhere in eastern Europe, then nothing I can say will prepare you for what will assail your see-holes on JULY 15th.

See you at the Sunset.