Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kung Fu Yoga vs Alley Cat

We've been uprooted but we resetting our gnarled vines at Hattie's Hat this August 18th for a fresh round of garbage cinema in the back room!

Come on down and witness the majesty that will be...

6pm - Awful Hour - In which the VHS era comes back to life to dance and sing and scrape its way across the dual screens in Aunt Harriet's Room!

7pm - Kung Fu vs. Yoga - Headslapping comedy meets lightning fast-fu as one gap toothed loon goes mano-a-mano with another in this classic throwback to the days of style-vs.-style martial arts mania. One of the wackiest of the bunch and far more entertaining than even Kung-Fu vs the Mafia!

8:30pm - Alley Cat -  Karin Mani stars as a busty Charles Bronson in this 1984 Death Wish knockoff with all the finesse and class of high waisted jeans. Thrill as Karin kicks junkies in the face, gasp as she serves time in the clink, and cheer as she teams up with a strapping young policeman to dance between the sheets, but mostly to avenge her dear grandmother and end Scarface's reign of terror! Your eyes are sure to be a-poppin this month at Kung Fu Grindhouse!

REMEMBER!: this month and next, we're at Hattie's Hat, 5231 Ballard Ave NW, in the back room. Space is much more limited so don't be late if ya wanna seat!