Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ninja Terminator Toast

Those of you that were able to make it to The Sunset despite the shitty weather made it another successful night of guerilla splatter cinema. Thanks for braving it and for putting up with the nasty old DVD player. When it worked it sure looked nice on that new projector though! Thanks to Max for the new hardware!

Ninja Terminator Drink Special

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Ninja Terminator

Due to the inclement weather NINJA TERMINATOR IS STILL HAPPENING.
We realize that it may be more difficult to get here for some of you, but we hope that you'll make the effort anyway. Good movies, good drinks, good pizza and good friends ALWAYS at KFG.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ninja Terminator

Reptilicus at 7pm - This Danish monster movie from 1961 is regarded as one of the worst of its kind and subsequently became one of our favorites. Drilling for oil or something in the snow, some Danes hit a prehistoric monster and bring up a section of its tail. Placed in a bubbling protien solution the tail soon regenerates into a whole monster which terrorizes Copenhagen and can only be stopped by the US military!

Computer Beach Party at 8:30pm -In the mid 1980's someone in Galveston, Texas was plotting to make that balmy Gulf-Coast town the next go-to spot for movie making. As far as we know, this film is one of only two to actually make it to completion. Two beach bums use their homemade computer to invite hot-chicks and a totally rockin' band to their house in an effort to stop a real estate developer from privatizing the beach. To be honest, the fact that it is wholly independent from the mainstream movie scene produces a fairly unique spin on the classic 80's teen party movie formula. A humorously half-baked Texan spin.

Ninja Terminator at 10pm - Richard Harrison, one of KFG's mascots appears again as the Ninja Terminator, a man of unprecedented martial skill who must stop the evil ninja clan from possessing all three parts of the Golden Ninja Warrior. Teamed up with his buddy Tiger,  will Ninja Terminator defeat the ruthless crab army? Will the unstoppable messenger robot prove to be unstoppable? And hey, who's this guy Silver Fox? Only Godfrey Ho and Dickie Harrison can say.

Come join us on November 22nd for another night of undiluted brilliance.