Saturday, October 27, 2012

Evening of Horrors Toast

Thanks for another great show y'all!
See you in November...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Evening of Horrors

Monday October 22nd 
Show starts at 6pm!
This October we difer our annual, zombie fest (good riddance to cliche) in favor of fun stuff we literally haven’t seen yet until the very night of the dang show.
Screened in succession for the first time before our collective eyeballs are:

Super Xuxa vs. Satan – Brazilian TV moguless takes on the forces of ‘evil’ in this innuendo steeped knockoff of The Labyrinth. No subtitles and no dubbing. Finest kind.

Spookies  – The box has pictures of cool rubber monsters and a nice painting on the front cover. You don’t see painted covers (or covers) much anymore, much less rubber monsters. (Or boxes we suppose.)

Killer Crocodile – The DVD that we found was a German import that proclaimed a lack of censorship and lots of bloody dismembered, partly-digested fun. The pictures on the back confirmed this in spades. We're convinced.

See you there...
Show starts at 6pm!
Monday October 22nd
At the Sunset; 5433 Ballard Ave.