Monday, September 3, 2012

Archer Deadbeat

Coming this September 17th at The Sunset is another round of cult and exploitation cinema you won't find anywhere else. Sure, you could go see The Goonies again at that hipster bar, but there wouldn't be any surprises and you might fall asleep.

The grindhouse STARTS AT 6:00:

The Awful Hour - VHS oddities salvaged from the used bin

Brave Archer and His Mate (1982) – While a bit of a mess plot-wise, this Chang Cheh directed kung-fu epic boasts an all star cast including Fu Sheng and a number of the Venoms. Multigenerational revenge, training sequences, frog-style kung fu and freaky dragon-women anchor this tale simultaneously in both the familiar and the absurd. 

Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) – This raw action film was written, directed, produced by Jim Van Bebber who also stars as the lead heavy ‘Goose.’ When his girlfriend tells him he either leaves the gangs or loses her, Goose is torn. But when she’s brutally murdered by a rival clique, there’s no choice left to make except all out revenge. A classic tale taken to bloody-knuckled extremes in this fiercely independent Dayton, Ohio masterwork. 

Always FREE and always different.
See you there.