Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Invasion USA

Here we go again.... It's been way too long since we celebrated this fine feathered nation of ours, and an election year seems like as good a time as any. So, this July 16 we're going out in style with:

Awful Hour: 6:00pm - What sort of fun have we found in the used bin this month?

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior: 7:00pm - The title alone sends shivers up my spine and the movie only gets better. A woman with a fetus in a jar braves a dystopian urban wasteland to deliver the human-larva to the safety of a ship waiting just off shore. With the help of a Fabio-esque cyborg she must avoid the menacing evil of a very Rob Halford-esque cyborg bent on the destruction of all reproductive life. Personally, despite a dearth of titilation I think this lost gem of 90’s STV trash is literally swimming in sex metaphors a-la-robot. But don't take my word for it!

Invasion USA: 8:30pm -  Chuck Norris fends off the wily Commies (led by the late Richard Lynch) with only a couple of uzis and a pickup-truck (okay, okay a special pickup-truck.) No surprises there, but oh what fun it is to ride in a cocaine fueled nightmare of Cold-War patriotism! No more need be said about this film.

See you Dog-fearing Americanos at The Sunset/Kung Fu Grindhouse on July 16th!

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