Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exterminator City

Our January 20, 2014 installment features one of the most fascinating phenomena of the 20th century. And what better time than the 21st. We open a new year of KFG with some of our terrible favorites of the last years, and by terrible I mean of course, AMAZING!

First up at 6 is of course Awful Hour in which the refuse of a billion video cassettes washes up on the shores of the Sunset Screen...

Then at 7pm we present for your satisfaction the 1988 Italian masterpiece Robowar. Directed by the nefarious Bruno Mattei, this gem stars Reb Brown in a bizarre mashup of Terminator and Predator with a synth soundtrack. Ooof!

Finally at 8:30 the cream of the crop, 2005's Exterminator City in which a robot exterminator goes insane and starts murdering softcore actresses. Robo-priests, robo-psychiatrists and hard-boiled robot-detectives all do their part in making this one of the most screwy messes in recent memory. And they're all puppets. Yes, puppets. Silly gore, unintelligible dialogue and surgically augmented mammary glands abound in this extremely low budget favorite. WARNING: unnecessary nudity, terrible acting, bloody puppets and groaning make up the bulk of this film.

See you on JANUARY 20th!