Monday, August 29, 2011

Ninja Vengeance Toast

Yargggghhhh! See you On September 24th for Prodigal Son!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ninja Vengeance

In which three films and some exhumed VHS trash are screened back to back at the Sunset on August 15th.

THEM! (1958) - 7:00pm - In which atomic radiation causes a bunch of ants to grow to incredible size threatening to usurp mankind's hard won position as most destructive consumers on the planet Earth. This cannot be permitted.

Captain America 2 (1979) - 8:30pm - In which Reb Brown dons Cap's outfit for a tasty romp through idiot-land and a bunch of friendly dogs. Crapping out hanglider and smashing motorbike on waterfall, lots of gunshots all the time and all the bad-guys intentions are broadcast over a public address system just before or just after they occur. Motorcycle helmet and pain means you thought it was TOO SOON FOR A SEQUEL?

Ninja Vengeance (1988) - 10:00pm -  In which a white man comes to town and accidentally finds himself saving the Black residents from the Klan and white audience members from their guilty conscience.  Fortunately our Magnificent Singular Amigo Samurai just happens to have brought his instructional manuals along for the big fight. Transforming himself into the titular Ninja, he takes vengeance, but not for the selfless reasons you would hope.

August 15, 2011: In which you will have fun.