Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No Thanksgiving

Bounty is always subject to a measure of quality, and this year we're celebrating the season of plenty with the lower end of the spectrum:

6:00pm - Awful Hour - Searching for the finest only leads to rejects which we cannot help but share...

7:00 - Garbage Pail Kids - The name says more than they could have hoped! Perhaps one of the most misguided films of all time, GPK is  live-action visual nausea of the purest pedigree. Like the Super Mario Bros. movie only barfier! We can do ANYTHING while working with each other!

8:30 - To The Limit - The late great Anna Nicole Smith's legacy of lunacy will probably soon be forgotten, but not if we can help it! To the Limit is but one of the three or so feature films she did and boy is it a stinker. Ninja secret agent Nicole battles disgruntled 'Nam vets for posession of a shiny CD-ROM disc in this incredible explosion of talent!

This November 18, come on down to the Sunset and say "No-Thanks!" to quality cinema while you enjoy some of the choiciest offerings from the bottom of the pail.
See ya there!...
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