Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloody Fists of Justice

Thanks for making this another great show! We'll be back in July for some some good old fashioned jingoistic patriotism!
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See you 6:00pm, July 16th at the Sunset!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Bloody Fists

Coming this June 18th to a Sunset Tavern near you:

The Awful Hour - 6 to 7pm: Rusurected VHS trash from the heyday of the magnetic format.

Steele Justice - 7:00 : In the 1980's Americans needed somebody to blame for the Vietnam War, someone to hold responsible for all the death, misery and wasted time. Lord knows there were lots of options; politicians, generals, big-business, the Soviets. John Steele (Martin Kove, the evil teacher in Karate Kid) has another idea though, why not blame the Vietnamese!? It's the perfect opportunity for the embittered, maladjusted Vet to fight the war all over again (in much lower budget) at home. Hey Mr., Put Rambo back in your pants!

The Bloody Fists - 8:30 : The eternal enemy of China returns once again to menace the motherland in the harrowing tale of Japanese Karate ruffians (played by Chinese) versus stoic Chinese Kung Fu defenders of justice. Heaps of violence ensue as the bandits repeatedly batter the inhabitants of a small village in an effort to take control of all the 'Dragon Herb". Some say that it cures the plague, some say that it changes your perspective. But everybody agrees that it worth killing the shit out of each other for, and when Jang Wu-dip shows up to defend the imperiled villagers, the Herb is sure to hit the fan.

Kung Fu Grindhouse provides the visuals for FREE, The Sunset provides the drinks and food for cheap, Dragon Herb is not included. We'll see you there!

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