Wednesday, April 3, 2013

8th Anniversary!

Although it is a fundamental aspect of our program to look through the past, it's not often that we revisit our own. However, it is appropriate when acknowledging another anniversary to sometimes look at how far you've come, and it has been a long journey to get here.
Through thick and thin, up and down, we've brought you:

For Your Height Only: In which a small Filipino Interpol agent foils the nefarious plans of a narcotics kingpin. Hearts will be broken, bases will be raided, discos will be danced and the jetpacks will be smokin' hot in this perennial favorite from the South Pacific. Viva Weng!

Challenge of the Lady Ninja: A Chinese woman trained in the secret skills of Japanese Yi Ho Ninja returns home to defend the fatherland. Training her own team, these lady ninjas will take on the entire Japanese army with just a few fashionable bathing outfits and steely determination. First time back at the Sunset for nearly 6 years!

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky: A classic of unmeasurable proportions, Riki-Oh concerns a beefy young man unjustly imprisoned in a hyperbolically harsh maximum hilarity institution. Fighting back against a mob of viciously immoral caricatures, Ricky will smash faces, sever limbs, perforate bowels, gargle with razor blades and grind mountains of quivering muscle into hamburger meat in a literal industrial strength shower of bloody grue right before your weeping eyes. Riki-Oh is good, but in a crowd of fellow revelers, it's truly great.

All this and more at The Sunset, Monday April 15th. Show starts at 6pm sharp!