Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ape and a Guillotine

The devil is, as they say, in the details and this months show proves the rule. On JUNE 16th we're stirring the waters of contempt once again with a double feature you won't soon forget.
We open this buffet at 6pm with an appetizer called...
Awful Hour - In which trashy found videos are beamed at your eyeballs for sixty whole minutes. Phill has just recovered a delectable stack of instructionals for us to abhor.
At 7pm it's the Korean production A.P.E., possibly the lowest of the low budget Kong knockoffs, A.P.E. pulls no gut-punches in it's effort to offend the senses. There will be rubber masks, shark wrasslin', apes that change size in every shot and screaming, oh yes will there be screaming.
Finally at 8:30 we bring you the 1975 classic Flying Guillotine. Not to be confused with Master of the Flying Guillotine which was released a year later and featured just ONE, this film offers up a whole pride of flying decapitators. When a paranoid emperor begins beheading everyone in sight, one of his guards (Chen Kuan Tai) becomes disillusioned and leaves to become a farmer. But ya can't get too far from the guillotine and Chen Kuan Tai is gonna have to figure out how to beat those flying furies!

Come see it all happen at the Sunset on June 16 at 6pm!