Monday, June 10, 2013

Future Force

Running full tilt with scissors into June we quickly found ourselves face to face with the FUTURE, and boy does it look pretty. Opening the night as usual at 6pm with some VHS cinema salvage for Awful Hour, Monday June 24 quickly gets down to the business of low-budget lawless dystopian nightmares with:

Mutant Hunt, 1987 -  Making good his temporary departure from gay-porn, director Tim Kincaid helms this doozy of a yarn concerning drugs, evil robots and barely clad beefcake; the 80's never saw better! Produced and scored by the Band Brothers (of Full Moon Pictures infamy) Mutant Hunt makes modern day New Jersey look like a walk in the park.

Future Force, 1988 - Subsequently we feast our see-holes upon the late David Carradine in what is assuredly not his finest role in a second dystopian future known as Future Force, a late-80’s straight to video gem with all the charisma of a carbuncle. After pulling society back from the brink of collapse, Tucker (Carradine) and the C.O.P.S. commence to infighting, backstabbing and blowing each other away, just like any good group of law enforcement officers. But Tuck has an ace up his sleeve, and a wheelchair, and a flying laser arm. Yup.

So come won't you, and join us in memorializing the finest in cinematic masochism on the biggish screen at the Sunset, where the beer is always beery and the movies are always of dubious quality.