Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hamburger Toast

Sounds delicious doesn't it?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sleazy Samurai Sunday

In 1970's Japan, the samurai genre had undergone a transition from pure swordplay to gory exploitation. Still, only one director was combining the  genre with even more bizarre and graphic grindhouse staples from the supernatural to the skin flick: Teruo Ishii.

This coming Sunday, March 31st, we're hosting a special showing of two of Ishii's bizarre swordplay tales beginning at 7:00pm with

Blind Woman's Curse (1970): Despite killing a rival gang leader and serving a long prison term, Akemi is released to an ongoing street war in this bloody Yakuza/samurai tale. As the members of her gang are cut down (and flayed) she soon begins to suspect something more evil is at work.

Bohachi Bushido (1973): A wandering and despondent ronin is hired to eliminate the rivals of Yakuza brothel The Forgotten Eight. The women who work in the brothel are also trained swordswomen, and more than willing to participate in the graphic elimination of their opponents.

Be warned, both feature graphic swordplay (which means mutilation and blood) and the latter has some strong sexual content (which means rape and breasts) and both are Japanese language with subtitles. Unless you looked for them, these films would likely never hit you radar screen, but they will be on The Sunset big screen on March 31st for this special Kung Fu Grindhouse event.

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