Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Prodigal Son

The Vindicator (1986) - 7:00pm - Every scientific research lab has a snitch. Y'know, the person who gets all whiney just when some ethically questionable research starts to yield promising results? Well Carl is just one such punk, but his coworkers are not about to allow their success to be thwarted by his moral hang-ups.

Joysticks (1983) – 8:30pm – There’s nothing quite as sinister and threatening to the integrity of traditional United Statesian Christian culture than a video arcade is there? When Joe Don Baker declares a crusade to shut down the arcade it’s time to declare war right back as only the 80’s can do, with punk rockers, topless girls and arcade games.

Prodigal Son (1981) – 10:00pm – When he discovers that all of his opponents have been paid to lose, Yuen Biao heads out to find a real kung fu teacher. What he finds instead are a couple of crazy brothers perpetually at each others throats. Well anyway, crazy brothers who know kung fu. Humor and hardcore fights from KFG standard-bearer Sammo Hung.