Monday, January 30, 2012


This month of paunchy robots and embittered 'Nam vets actually begins with a blast from the alcoholic past. Witness as we begin our show with an early chapter in a popular superheroes otherwise unremarkable life...

Revenge of the Red Baron 7pm - Revenge of the Red Baron stars a young and troubled Tobey Maguire as "Jimmy", grandson of the World War 1 Ace who shot down the titular tyrant of the skies. For no apparent reason other than to provide "action" and a misleading title, the spirit of the Red Baron possesses a toy plane to kill Jimmy's Gramps, (Mickey Rooney) even though the guy's already dying of terminal oldness.

Ghetto Blaster 8:30pm - When Travis, a middle-aged recalcitrant Vietnam Vet, returns home to visit his parents, he soon finds that his old hood is teeming with the sort of criminal activity and gang warfare usually reserved for a lower class of people... Instead of taking it lying down he does what Nam Vets everywhere were doing in the 80's; uses his army training to clean up the streets at home! Ghetto Blaster!

R.O.T.O.R. 10pm - Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research. A prototype robot intended for crime combat escapes from the development lab and goes on a killing rampage. Why is it that every time they build a crime fighting robot it does exactly the opposite of its intended use? Because that's what makes bad movies good! And in Texas, everything is bigger and badder!

We'll see you this February mother-cluckin' 13th at the Sunset!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bells of Death

On January 16th we're ringing in the new year with Death! Come check out some classic kung-fu action and a selection of other fine cinema carcasses exhumed from the archives:
Awful Hour 6pm - VHS foundlings start the night off

Theodore Rex 7pm - Whoopi Goldberg stars as a bitter cop who teams up with a human sized talking dinosaur in this dystopian sci-fi kiddie flick

Society 8:30 - An adopted teenager finds out that affluence is rather more monstrous than he ever thought

Bells of Death 10pm - What else but revenge Wu Xui style!

See you January 16th!