Monday, June 6, 2011

Blood Fight

If you were to image search the main feature you wouldn't get much that is actually related to the film. At least, nothing that gives you any idea what it is about. But that is what we strive for here at KFG, obscurity in content and context. It's what makes our little hearts beat with joy. This month, feature aside, is an event of profound proportions, witness:

Thank God It's Friday - 7PM - A cornucopia of characters converge on The Zoo, a swanky Los Angeles disco club where the Commodores are set to appear that night for a big dance contest. Oh goody! Laughter and merriment follow in a profuse and bubbly abundance of shitty fashion and tunes.

Megaforce - 8:30 - Barry Bostwick kicks the asceticism of the Carter era straight in the gonads with Reagan sized helping of fantasy techno boner military hardware. Watch misguided foreign interventions and war get fun and sparkly again!

Blood Fight (AKA Final Fight) - 10PM - Retired Japanese fighter Masahiro is looking for a disciple to carry on his legacy. When Chang Li the Vietnamese Cobra and reigning champion of Asian free fighting murders Masahiro’s new Chinese student in the ring, the teacher must get over his sense of failure and take revenge against this much larger, younger and ruthlesser opponent. Phoenetic English abounds in this Japanese/Hong Konginese masterpiece of cheese.

See you June 20th.