Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fantasy Killer Mission Workout Force

This September is all fired up to be about as shocking as they come. With a couple of feature films cranking the crazy up to 11, we open the evening with an appetizer of:

6:00pm – The Awful Hour, in which the title pretty much says it all. Phill dredges up the muck from a stagnant cesspool of VHS culture…

At 7:00 pm - To heavily paraphrase the immortal words of Bill Hicks; If you don’t think drugs have done anything good for our culture, you’re mistaken. He was talking mostly about music of course, but Mi ni te gong dui, or Fantasy Mission Force if you prefer, is a cinematic case-in-point. Regarded by many of it’s lucky witnesses, as among the most nonsensical, downright insane kung-fu movies ever made. We’ve heard that before here at Kung Fu Grindhouse, but with Abraham Lincoln, zombies, Nazis, Cannibals and Jackie Chan this is sure to be a strong contender for the head-slap awards.

Then at 8:30 - The connection seems at first tenuous, but pornography and fitness videos both indulge the evangelical tradition in a way that would do Jimmy Swaggart proud. Without the sin, there could be no weeping (or sweating as it were,) flagellating repentance. Without beauty there could be no ugly. It is entirely fitting that this irrational contradiction would be taken to its psychosexual apex in a straight-to-video horror flick from the 80’s. If you thought Death Spa was good, wait until you see Killer Workout. (AKA Aerobicide) This is gonna hurt.

We'll see you at The Sunset on September 16th, with bells on.