Monday, May 5, 2014

Double Dose of Deadly Death

This May 19th say your prayers as we prepare to dine on a double dose of Deadly Death!

At 6pm we open the evening with a single hour of the most atrocious film that can be dredged up from the muck of history in The Awful Hour

Then, up at 7pm is the classic Shaw picture Death Valley in which hired assassins and fugitives unwittingly become friends. Packed with the sort of swordplay you expect from the top talent of the era.

Finally at 8:30 we rack-em-up for Deadly Prey, a film that brings home the bacon on sheer gun-hungry mania. They say he was the best in Vietnam, he still is! Watch as a man wronged sets the world right again, all while wearing nothing but a pair of cut-offs. What could be more beautiful we ask you, what?

Only all of these things, on one night, in one place, in good company.

May 19, Sunset Tavern, Ballard WA, 6:00pm. Dig it.