Monday, November 7, 2011

Samurai Cop!

Immense destruction commences at 6pm with the Awful Hour!

It only gets awfuller at 7pm with Twin Sitters, the tale of two boneheaded brothers who babysit a rich kid to earn money so they can start their own Italian restaurant.

Prolonged sadism keeps on trucking at 8:30 with Beaks! The Movie in which Spanish birds begin attacking terrible actors and chewing the scenery!

The Pinnacle of agony arrives at 10pm with the epic Samurai Cop, a story so atrocious they had to make it! After repeated provocation, the fearsome Yakuza finally decides to strike back at the cops. Two cops, either too brave or too stupid to know better, dare to stand up against the terrifying power of the well-endowed Yamashita!