Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shadow Whip

It's time again for another round of fine dining at Kung Fu Grindhouse. This August 20th we offer up the following meal four your brain to digest:

6:00pm - The Awful Hour - An appetizer of found videos

7:00pm - The Shadow Whip (1971)- The first course consists of some classical Shaw Brothers fare starring the epic Pei-Pei Cheng as a whip-wielding orphan on the path of revenge! Then again, so are a mob of other character heavies, and extras and, well everybody seems to be looking for this "Shadow Whip" person. Or was it somebody else, who IS the guilty party!? That's what all the fighting is about I suppose, and there is a lot of it. Set during the winter snows in Northern China, Shadow Whip is a rather unique piece of cinema-fu and one of our recent favorites!

8:30 - Macabre (1980) - For the second course we're offering up some Italian, with extra red sauce! When her lover is killed in an auto accident Jane is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Emerging a year later she resumes her life, seemingly recovered from the traumatic experience. But nothing is as kosher as it seems in this grotesque monstrification of sexuality. It is always entertaining to see what length men will go to to make women into monsters and this early effort from legacy director Lamberto Bava spares nothing. Set in New Orleans, Macabre figuratively and literally drips with atmosphere.

We'll see you on August 20th for a full meal of vintage genre cinema at the Sunset!