Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Night of Terrors 6 Toast

Thanks for another successful night folks, we'll see you on November 21st!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Night of Terrors 6: The Final Night of Terrors

This October 24th, Kung Fu Grindhouse delves once again into our charnel house of decrepit zombie movies for Night of Terrors 6: The Final Night of Terrors

This year we dig into the (mostly) 80's for a night of threequels beginning with:

Zombie 3 (1988): An entertainingly atrocious film directed by no less than three (3!) Italian splattermeisters. Zombie 3 is at times confusing, comforting and gory as all hell but in every way it is wonderful. From zombie birds to flying severed zombie heads it is a sight to behold as a terrorist steals a biological weapon and finds out the hard way just what he's gotten into. Forced to work together by a growing zombie epidemic, a group of vacationers and some army buddies hole up an an old hotel while the world comes crashing down.

Day of the Dead (1985): More military mania as the world continues to fall apart under overwhelming zombie doom. In a subterranean military base, the army goons and the civilian clowns are at each other's throats. As George Romero's thin critique of United Statesian political squabbling and culture war plays out in darkened hallways and freight elevators, the dead are waiting to snack on the winner.

Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993): When disgruntled Gen-Xer Curt's girlfriend Julie is killed in a motorcycle accident, he sneaks onto his dad's Army base and resurrects her with the zombifying chemical Trioxin. The rest is a debacle of slapstick as Curt tries to keep Julie hidden from Chicano Gangs, the Police and his grumpy dad while Julie attempts to "come to terms" with her condition. While not quite the allegorical opus of its predecessors, ROTLD3 piles on the bleak and fun zombie gorror.

Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmm. That's right, we'll see you on October 24th at 7pm. This is a popular show so seating usually goes fast!