Friday, October 29, 2010

Night Of Terrors 5 Toast

Thanks for making it another great night everyone. We'll see you guys on November 22nd for Ninja Terminator!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Night Of Terrors 5

For our fifth year in a row we're returning to the Sunset Tavern in October with a full night of gut-munching zombie fare. As in the past, so in the future. Long before there were "zombie walks" and zombie TV shows, there was the international Amercan-Italian zombie exchange program. You make one, we'll make one, you make one.... And this was the age when there was no such thing as straight to video (much less DVD) so all these splatterfests played on the big screen. We're proud to bring 'em back.

Legion of the Night  (1995) @ 7:00PM - The living dead return once again in the form of cybernetic assassins used to settle a mob war. Bill Hinzman, the original graveyard zombie from Night of the Living Dead (1968) who never got over his brief brush with fame returns in yet another low budget zombie flick. Here he is Doctor Bloom the man whose experiments with reanimating dead flesh lead to the creation of Cybernetic Zombie Assassins and unleashed a wave of bloodshed.

Hell of the Living Dead (1980) @ 8:30PM - This uber-trashy, barely coherent zombie flick was directed by Italian hackmaster extraordinaire Bruno Mattei whose films we take particular delight showing here at KFG. Also known by the creative title Night of the Zombies, this flick concerns a chemical plant disaster on the island of Papua New Guinea. The natives have begun to eat each other and a SWAT team fresh from a standoff with some terrorists is sent to investigate. Things immediately begin to fall apart as it becomes apparent that it's not just the natives who are eating people. Goofy, gross and absurd all at the same time, Hell of the Living Dead is as close as it comes to a classic at this low calibre.

City of the Living Dead (1980) @ 10:00PM - Also known by its more accurate title Gates of Hell, this film from splatter-maestro Lucio Fulci does in fact feature the gates of hell, or a gates of hell.... Anyway, a distraught priest hangs himself in a cemetery opening, you guessed it, some gates to hell which allows the cemetery's permanent residents to become somewhat less permanent. An intrepid reporter (what a hardy cinematic trope!) teams up with an concerned psychic in a race to close those damned gates before it's too late. Starring an incredible cast of genre actors from the golden age of Italian and U.S. horror, City of the Living Dead is a classic of zombie cinema.