Monday, December 1, 2014

2 Men and a Snowman

You know the drill ya bums. It's Christmassacre time and the love is in the air.

This year we're returning with a trio of terrible Christmas films to tear your teats off.

First up at 6pm is the incomparable Hulk Hogan in:
Santa With Muscles
A film about a jerk who suffers a concussion and thinks he's Santa, leading to much hilarity and joy. Wonder and Joy.

Then at 7:30 you'll thrill to the agony that is Jack Frost 2. You may not remember Jack, and you may not want to, but that doesn't mean he doesn't remember you and he's coming. With a sack full of puns for all the good girls and boys.

Finally at 9 o'clock we present for the last fucking time at KFG, our perennial holiday favorite, the incomparable Silent Night Deadly Night.
Santa punishes naughty children. 'Nuf said.

So if, like us, you detest the holiday, come celebrate with sheer cinematic trash! Or is it TREASURE!? Only you can be the judge, but you have to witness it in person for your vote to count.
See ya at the Sunset...

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