Saturday, February 7, 2015

Double Gore Gore Trouble Virgins From Girl Hell

February 16th is no date to thumb your nose at. Why, you may ask? Well, that's because we're bringing you a triple threat of trashy cinema straight from the goat's mouth. Don't believe me? Just witness the carnage starting with:

Double Trouble at 6pm - Those burly boneheads Peter and David Paul, better known as the Barbarian Brothers return to grace the Grindhouse screen in a juxtaposition to end all juxtapositions. Karl Jung would be ashamed.

7:30pm -  From the wilds of Indonesia it's Virgins From Hell. We're going full Women In Prison massacre as Shiela and her all-girl biker gang take on the nefarious Mr. Tiger in a non-stop battle to the death!

And finally as if that weren't obnoxious enough its The Gore Gore Girls at 9pm. Our first Herschell Gordon Lewis film is one of his last and loopiest as a sleazy private dick searches for the mysterious killer behind a series of call-girl deaths. There will be blood and guts aplenty in this film from the acclaimed Lewis as he calls it quits (almost) in high, and self depricating style. You may regret it.

Awesome! We'll see you on February 16th at The Sunset!

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