Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Warriors Two

Kung Fu Grindhouse returns on September 20th with another night of gutter classics:

Slithis (1978) aka Spawn of the Slithis @ 7:00pm - If you've ever heard of the true story surrounding the incidents at Love Canal in the late 70's already know what Slithis is about, sortof. In this case some sort of man made contamination creates a mutant creature that menaces the waterways of Venice, California. This flick is almost impossible to find on VHS, it never made it to DVD, but you get to see it here.

Body Melt (1993) @ 8:30 - Jumping ahead a decade and a half to Australia we find ourselves in a similar situation. A group of unscrupulous scientists decide to go ahead with a little trial run of some performance enhancing drugs. The result is nothing less than a goofy goo-fest that harkens to Peter Jackson's golden age or the film Street Trash. It's a pretty specific reference I know, but Body Melt is in a category shared with very few other films.

Warriors Two (1978) @ 10:00pm - And back to the late 70's where we find Sammo Hung Kam Bo at the helm of what turns out to be a veritable expose of Wing Chun style kung-fu. His friend the bank teller is being hunted by the murderers of a local politician. Since it's only a matter of time before they catch up he decides it's better to stand and fight with his friends* at his side. As one would expect from Sammo, brilliant martial arts mixed in with humor and an intriguing story combine to make this one of the best ones yet.
*Yes there are three of them total, but I guess women "don't count" and so it's called Warriors Two.


  1. Slithis is on DVD from Code Red.

  2. I reviewed it at my site a few weeks back. Amazon has it here....