Monday, August 2, 2010

The Buddhist Fist

Kung Fu Grindhouse returns on August 16th with more regurgitated cinema:

Slugs @ 7:00pm - Yes indeed, flesh eating slugs do in fact menace s small town in this trashy nature gone wild "classic" from 1988. Spanish director Juan Piquer Simon who also brought us Pieces succeeds once again in portraying humans as volatile, cruel and above all stupid frightened animals.

The Dirtbike Kid @ 8:30pm Peter Billingsley who you may be more familiar with as Ralphie in A Christmas Story plays a kid who re-enacts Herbie the Lovebug with a dirtbike. Hand in handle they manage to save the local hotdog stand from demolition in favor of a bank, and save his widowed mother from perpetual lonliness, whew what a metaphor.

The Buddhist Fist @ 10:pm Two brothers are raised separately and trained in kung fu only to find themselves at opposite sides of a deadly rivalry. Contradicts the Western notion that Buddhism is a peaceful self effacing faith whose followers somehow transcend worldly concerns. In fact as this film points out even Buddhists can be full of rage, vice and mindless vindictive hatred just like the rest of the world. Directed by Iron Monkey's Yuen Wo Ping!

See you August 16th at The Sunset!

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