Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 Year Anniversary Grindhouse Finale

That's right folks, it's finally come to this, our last show ever. It's been a hell of a lot of fun over the last ten years, but it's better to go out with a bang. So that's what we're doing this April 20th starting at 6pm with:

Millionaire's Express: Everyone wants a piece of this choo-choo and they will stop at nothing to get a hunk of the wealthy passenger's riches. This wacky martial arts/western/comedy, directed by Sammo Hung, features a who's who of Hong Kong cinema including our favorite martial lady Cynthia Rothrock. The fighting is hard, the comedy is Looney Tunes and this train is taking you on a one way trip to...

Forbidden Zone at 7:30 - There is little we can say to explain or describe this movie except to say that it is strange, surreal and unforgettable. From the minds that brought you the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, this trip down the rabbit hole is sure to leave you brain spinning just in time for....

Boxer's Omen at 9pm - There is simply no other film that combines gore, horror, black magic, kung fu and mysticism in quite the same formula or quantity as Boxer's Omen. To avenge his brother's death, a boxer must become a monk and do battle with a witch doctor in a string of mindbending battles that you simply cannot believe until it penetrates your eyes.

It's true, we will probably do some intermittent pop-up shows in the future, should we come across some films that absolutely HAVE to be seen, but this is the end of our regular run. We're honored that you stuck with us and yes, a little sad to go, but the memories have been great and we're happy about it all. So come on out, have fun and say GOOD RIDDANCE with us on April 20th!