Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rothrock -n- Roll

We're back at Hattie's Hat for one more month before the Sunset re-opens and we figured we'd take advantage of the intimate surroundings of the back room to spend a little quality time with one of our favorite martial artists.

We've met Cynthia Rothrock before at KFG, but there's asomething special about the films we chose for tonight's show. Before we meet the star though, brace yourself for...

Awful Hour @ 6pm - whence came the salvage.

24 Hours to Midnight - Writer/director Leo Fong wasn't known for his big budgets, but he never let a project go unfinished. Or at least, not this one. Begun in '85, by the time it was finished six years later, Cynthia had moved on and all that remained were a few choice cuts. Although largely nonsense, the remaining film is quite entertainingly bad. You'll see.

Magic Crystal - The popularity of several Spielberg films in the middle 80's did not go unnoticed in Hong Kong where Cynthia Rothrock and longtime comrade and martial artist Richard Norton were cast opposite each other once again in this bizarre genre mash-up. Between (and thanks to) the oddities and anomalies lies a phenomenal film. The only thing standing between an evil magician and the KGB getting their hands on a very special rock are Interpol Agent Cynthia and her pals . But they might have some help from a friendly extra-terrestrial. You'll see it all in Magic Crystal.

Once again, we're at Hattie's Hat this month! The show starts at 6 and seating is limited though not limiting.

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