Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Band of the Man From the Hong Kong Hand

It's not often that the rumor of something good turns out to be altogether true, but when it does it's a heady feeling.

This February 18th at the Sunset we're bringing you two amazing movies that were waaaayyyy better then we could have hoped.

First at 6pm Phill brings you Awful Hour: the latest discoveries from the VHS morgue of history. I've had a peek at the offerings and I'm excited to take a trip down the memory alley...

Next, at 7pm we take a trip down to south Florida where a Vietnam Vet rehabilitates last-ditch juvenile delinquents with a crash-survival-course in the Everglades. 1986's Band of the Hand was a project conceived by the same brains that brought us the Miami Vice so it's no surprise that brash fashion in pastel colors will play a crucial part in the boys eventual victory over Laurence Fishburne.

Finally, clocking in at 9:00pm is Man From Hong Kong a coproduced Australian/Hong-Kong martial arts-espionage extravaganza from 1975. Legendary director  Brian-Trenchard Smith mashes Bond-esque intrigue with the kung-fu stylings of the equally iconic Jimmy Wang Yu as a kung fu cop out to bring down the drug empire of George Lazenby (an actual former Bond). One of our favorites from among the all-too-brief Ozsploitation pantheon.

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