Monday, January 3, 2011

Ip Man

This January 17th KFG returns to the Sunset with another round of salvage cinema and good times, or aren't those things one and the same?

Rollerboogie – 7pm – Lind Blair stars in this amazing and totally unique take on those crazy narcissistic flash in the pan phenomena of the post aquarian era known as “roller-skating”, and “disco” or some such nonsense. Be prepared for a glut of earnest emoting, cuddly heartwrenching David v. Goliath socio-economic parables and enough sparkles to make a hipster have an aneurism.

Death Spa – 8:30 – Oh the 80’s, the reactionary 80’s, a bitter and acrimonious decade insistent on defecating directly into the mouth of every communistical hippie it could lay its cocaine encrusted power-tie on. If ever there was a ubiquitous institution for the Reagan era besides all those other ones, you could hardly do without a health spa/club, preferably packed to the gills with hyperbolically coiffed trust-fundies. Then subject them all to an absurd premise which includes supernatural revenge from beyond the grave and you have a grand old time just waiting to happen.

Ip Man – 10pm – So one time, Japan invaded China and did a bunch of horrible stuff there, creating a 75 year legacy of cinematically recodified ineluctable Japanese cruelty and incompetence countered only by Chinese stoicism, excellence and perseverance in martial arts. The amazing Donnie Yen stars in this ambiguously historic but undeniably heroic tale of that period and some martial arts, most notably Wing Chun which he’s really good at.


  1. I awesome movie. Thanks Seth.

  2. Last night was great. There is perhaps some thanks owed to Rollerboogie magic.

  3. NO! I can't believe I missed this one...

  4. Thanks y'all. Phill and I do our best to put the pedal to the metal on this stuff. Next month is going to be just as good.