Monday, July 5, 2010

Magnificent Butcher

On July 19th we're back with another night of awesome cinema salvage:

Fiend Without A Face @ 7:00pm - A nuclear power plant in Canada causes “thoughts” to manifest physically as brain sucking brain monsters. A cold-war era monster classic with bumbling military, solitary army-scientist heroes and fainting women galore. We saw a trailer for this film back in the 80's and never forgot it. Finally, 20-odd years later it lives up to the flying brain monster hopes we had held on to for so long.

Space Hunters @ 8:30pm - Molly Ringwald stars in this visual smorgasbord science fiction from 1983. Something of a riff on popular space opera films of the time but much better than you would expect from a movie that has been almost totally forgotten. It was originally made for 3D in theaters, and the rich cinematography attests to that, but the costumes, props and sets are absolutely amazing.

Magnificent Butcher @ 10pm - Sammo Hung plays a butcher who runs afoul of a kung-fu school full of bad guys and has to defend himself. Sounds like a pretty typical plot for a kung fu movie, but it's livened up by Sammo's lightning fast kung-fu and witty humor. Widely considered one of his best.

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